About Us

What is  USA Champion Kids?  

USA Champion Kids is a unique  “Mobile” sports program for children ages 2 – 12 years old.  This program is available for child care centers, schools, and park & rec. centers. The program is offered during the school year and we also offer special “summer camps” so you don’t have to drive the children to outside activities.

We incorporate  gymnastics and multi sports activities into one program, to offer children a “complete” training program for all sports skills.  We have over 40 different gymnastics and sports activities. We are the only program in the country that offers this program.  Our uniquely designed JR gymnastic equipment is sized for small areas, and our sports equipment includes almost every sport you can imagine.  The variety of activities will give children an opportunity to try all sports and build lifelong healthy habits early.

Include a Kid Fitness Program for your center!

Kids thrive on activities, and enrichment programs offer a child an opportunity to begin developing a particular skill or determine interest in new activities. We have discovered that specialty skills like: gymnastics are popular with parents since they can continue the program outside their center later on.

Child Care Centers benefit by Catering to Time-Crunched, Working Parents

Have you noticed how more and more child care centers are offering enrichment options for tots to participate in while still at child care? Parents nowadays are busier than ever, yet want their child to participate in an array of activities at the same time. The solution for some is to sign kids up for optional fee-based ballet, soccer, sports and gymnastics classes that kids participate in during the week while still in care. The instructor comes to the facility rather than the other way around. This type of option may not be for everyone, but it works for those who are very busy or have long commutes each day. It’s a great addition to your curriculum to encourage your parents to see the value in staying in a center with a well rounded curriculum. Our fees for the parents are so reasonably prices, that usually the whole school participates. ($20-30 month).

Our Philosophy

USA Champion Kids classes are designed to offer a unified learning experience which engages the child’s mind as well as their bodies. Inactivity – which often leads to high obesity rates – is a problem today for many of our youth. Sports are a wonderful and valuable outlet for a child’s energy. We promote the idea that athletics, when taught correctly, can aid a child’s development in a myriad of ways. Watching children display their pride when a skill is learned or seeing the glee which comes from playing provides proof that sports can greatly enhance the childhood experience. USA Champion Kids is a program designed to teach children the basic fundamentals of sports in a safe, fun, friendly and supportive environment.

President’s Fitness Challenge

Kids thrive on praise. Sprinkle phrases like “Good job!” “Way to go!” and “You can do it, I know you can!” throughout your day to students who are making behavior changes—because this kind of encouragement builds self-confidence and gets results.

Following the guidelines set forth by the President’s Challenge, we’ve taken this principle to heart. Including encouragement in lifelong, healthy habits by instilling value in physical activity.  We believe you shouldn’t have to be a  prodigy to enjoy gymnastics and sports fitness.

Benefits of our service

• Our service provides your facility with a complete professional on-site, gymnastic and sports program with Junior Equipment sized just for beginners that is colorful, padded for safety, and fits comfortably within any size classroom. Our sports equipment includes a variety of over 20 activities.

• Unlike regular gyms, our patented “Jr. Equipment” is designed small enough for the average child to use safely.

USA Champion Kids has been serving schools, preschools, park and rec. centers, after school program and childcare facilities for over 20 years.