After School Programs

Would you like this program at your school or Park & Rec.  We offer an exciting after-school gymnastic program for parents convenience and children’s fun!   We have 2 programs:  Toddler/Prek and School-age classes

Tumbling, mini-tramp, vault and balance beam for beginners and cheerleaders !

12 wk. or Full season Programs

All kids love to tumble. This is a fantastic winter fitness program for your school. This is a very affordable class which is almost 50% less compared to our regular in-house fees.  Beginners love it and most cheerleaders need practice on off season to keep in shape.  Schools love this program as a fun activity to add to their after school care.  Everyone loves this program because it gives kids a chance to try gymnastics for fun without the huge financial investment for parents.  

USA Champion Kids has created a fun tumbling and floor balance beam classes for after school programs. Our fun activities, include tumbling, cartwheels, backbends, walkovers, and much more!  Even children already registered in another gymnastics program love the opportunity to practice their skill with friends from school.

Our fun, after school program will culminate in a year-end show in our last class for parents and friends.  Each child will receive a gymnastic medal following the show.

In each class, children are encouraged to give tumbling a try and build their skills and abilities. Children love to practice their skills at home and show their parents their new talents.

Children will be amazed when they:

  • Learn to perform on the floor balance beam
  • Build their tumbling skills for fun, cheerleading, balance, and skills.
  • Learn skills they enjoy doing with friend
  • Gymnastics Tumbling after school programs offer children a chance to see just how cool gymnastics with school friends can be!

Tumbling after school program…

  • Teach certified gymnastics skills
  • Meet national, state, and provincial extracurricular activities standards
  • Are led by trained, qualified, and dynamic instructors
  • Follow professional lesson plans
  • Are loved by children, and are ideal for children in Kindergarten to Grade 6
  • Are easy to plan and hassle-free to run


    Exciting “PopStar” Academy after school or summer camp program

Our “newest”  and very popular program offers a 12 week,  or summer camp program of dressing up, singing and dancing to their favorite pop songs.  Kids love imitating their favorite Popstars and performing with their friends enjoying their after school “fun time”.

A variety of school programs are available. We encourage you to contact a USAChampionKids location near you to find out more about after school programs in your community.