Gymnastics & Sports Equipment Pics

Every sport you can imagine & more!


Tumbling, JR Parallel Bars, Pummel Trainer,  Balance Beam (3 levels), JR Rings, Floor Parallel Bars, Mini-Tramp, JR Vault,  Wedge Incline, JR Single bar, Headstand and Cartwheel Trainer, Ribbons, Hoops, Pompoms, Aerobics, Yoga & Floor Exercises  


Soccer, T-ball, Monster Volleyball, Rockwalk, Golf, Floor Hockey, Touch Football, Tennis, Kickball, Basketball, Hoop Target, Track/ Field, Hurdles, Bowling, Croquet, Long Jump, Dodge Ball, Target Toss, Horseshoes, Station Training, Badminton, Obstacle Courses, Relay Race & Field Day

Oodles of “fun” – all in one program!

Both gymnastics and sports are incorporated in one program.  The wide variety of sports gives children an opportunity to see what they they like the best.  In the winter, its difficult for the children to be active, USA Champion Kids gives children loads of jumping around to release their energy, while learning skills for their future. Its an opportunity of a lifetime.

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