Toddler & PreK

Mobile classes are held at:  schools & centers.  This physical fitness enrichment program includes gymnastics/sports and is offered to schools/centers that wish to complete their curriculum, offering parents more activities at their school/center.   Call us to register your school.

We specialize in Toddlers and PreK students with JR. Size equipment –  Only requires a small 8’x10′ area carpet.

This fun program includes more than 15 Toddler & PreK Sports & Activities! New school Discount (depending on enrollment) This is a “Physical Education” Enrichment Program that promotes children’s physical health and well being.  Join the many schools that are now adding enrichment programs for parents who want their children to have the opportunity to learn skills at an early age.  PARENTS ARE AMAZED at all the sports activities they get for such a low and reasonable price. You can start with an introductory 6 week program.  We also offer September to June program/summer camps and vacation week programs.  

Program choice:  10 -12 weeks, full school season; or summer camp!  Ages:  2-12 school discount only: $22 month.

Included in our program is a special “Super Hero SPORTS”  theme with masks, capes, and games to create a fun learning environment. Our “Super Hero” obstacle course is so much fun.  It teaches children balance and agility.


Try our 6 week, introductory program for only $5 a class. 

This Enrichment Gymnastics & Multi-sports Program offers early opportunities for children to learn skills while having fun and stay healthy and fit thru sports and exercise.  Parents love the convenience of having their children take a gymnastics/sports class without having to rush them around after they get home.  Parents choose the school that offers more enrichment programs for their children while in school.  Convenience and our affordable tuition fees are a big plus for parents.  Today’s parents expect more!

Included in our program is Toddler & Pre K “Soccer Kick & Play”.  Our indoor class includes soft balls. This is part of the multi sports activities.  If you would like a Soccer only program, we will accommodate you. If your not sure about signing up, try our “FREE” Trial Class and  let your customers decide!  Would you like to know if your parents are interested in this program?  When they register for the FREE class, we ask them if they would like to have this program at your center on the registration form. Scroll down to flyer below-right click-save & print or 1-800-490-5927

Class Activities:   Balance Beam, Soccer,  Tumbling, Obstacle Course, Jr. Rings, T-ball,  Jr. Vault, Golf, Headstand Trainer, Parallel Bars, Track & Field,  Volley Ball, Kickball,  Floor Hockey, Rockwalk, Gymnastic Floor Skills and much more. This is the only program that offers all sports in one fun program. All equipment is colorful, padded and irresistible.

Our program only needs a small space for class.  Our equipment is small, padded and safe for children and all environments.

 Our mobile program usually follows the school year and includes special “summer” programs for your center or school.  If our schedule allows, you may opt for a 3 month program during the school year. For our full season program, we perform for parents and each child receives a medal.

We incorporate  gymnastics and multi-sports to give children a “complete” training program for all sports skills.  USA Champion Kids is the only program in the country that offers such a variety of sports incorporated into one program. Our uniquely designed JR gymnastic equipment is colorful, and padded and our sports activities  includes almost every sport you can imagine.  The variety of activities will give children an opportunity to try all sports and build lifelong healthy habits early.

Children need LOTS of physical activity. USA Champion Kids  provides great exercise,  in a structured format that introduces a wide variety of sports, builds coordination, balance and confidence. Kids just think its fun! 


All of USA Champion Kids coaches are certified after intense training and  follow specific guidelines for class structure, safety, progressive teaching techniques, and follow the USA Soccer  and USA Gymnastics organization guidelines.

Class Components

The class begins with an aerobic warm-up to music, floor stretching, and a new activity of sports or gymnastics each week. We provide all the gymnastics and sports equipment.  Class finishes with each child receiving a stamp on their hands (one sports/gymnastic stamp and fun stamp).

Your child will playfully learn gymnastics, and multi sports skills in a fun, age-appropriate class that blends physical, cognitive, and  learning in each class.

Keep them jumpin’ all winter  – In the winter, its difficult for the children to be active. USA Champion Kids gives children loads of jumping around to release their energy, while learning skills for their future.  Sports all year long with USA Champion Kids. Its an opportunity of a lifetime.The kids just think it’s fun!

Free Class Pass – Parents we guarantee your child will love it.  So try our “free class pass” and join the fun with a best friend.  Check with your facility for our class schedule; then just click the free class pass below and print. Leave the slip with your director or teacher or just bring this coupon to one of our classes. Your child will be  kickin’, flippin’ and jumpin’ everywhere.

Directors:  Call us and set up a date and time for your trial class. 1-800-490-5927. You may also choose to hand out this flyer before you set a date.  Just click on the flyer below, copy it, and  you can pass it out to parents to register for the “Free Trial Class” and you will get feedback on their interest in this program.   Another option is to email it to parents to save time (we will provide a color copy to email) .  Let us know if you would like any additional information added to this flyer.