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First:  Fill-out Registration Form online then continue here with payment.  If you have already registered online; please submit your payment now thru Paypal. 

If you have more than one child enrolled please pay the monthly rate X2 and type that amount in the “other amount” box.  Add 2nd child’s name in last box with your email and school name.

– REQUIRED: Be sure to add your email address, your child’s name and School name in the bottom BOX BELOW; if you do not add this we will not be able to know what student is registered and how to contact you. The last text box below is so we can apply your payment to the correct account.  Thank you.

Tuition payment for Longmeadow Park & Rec. program click:

TYPE IN THE AMOUNT YOU ARE PAYING IN THE “Other Amount” BOX.  If you are unsure about the tuition fees, email us: USAChampionKids@gmail.

Contact us for pro-rated fees for:  late enrollments/free class.  

If you encounter any problems with making payment here, please email us immediately: Thank You.

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