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Tuition/Camp Payments –

First:  Fill-out Registration Form online then continue here with payment- If you have already registered online; please submit your payment now thru paypal.  To pay your tuition use the drop down menu for the amount you will be paying or if you are paying an amount not in the drop down box use the “Other Amount” box to fill in the amount you would like to pay. Go to:  School Schedule to see the exact amount your school is being charged.

– If you have received a bill with an amount different than our regular fees, you may type that amount in the “other amount” box.

– For “POPSTAR ACADEMY” and other specialty camps to pay tuition; use the “drop down box” and choose your payment from the list or go to “other amount” box to pay an amount not listed in drop down menu (go to: School Schedule to find your school’s tuition fee and date/time of class). NOTE:  Be sure to fill-in your email address, child’s name and school name at bottom.

– If you have more than one child enrolled please pay the monthly rate X2 and type that amount in the “other amount” box.

– For GYMNASTICS Program Please be sure to post the correct amount for your school’s tuition fees. If your amount is not in the drop down menu, please use the “Other Amount” box below and type in the amount you wish to pay.

– REQUIRED: Be sure to add your email address, your child’s name and School name in the bottom BOX BELOW; if you do not add this we will not be able to know what student is registered and how to contact you. This text box below is so we can apply your payment to the correct account.  Thank you.

If you prefer you may mail your payment and register online; pay Miss Lorrie directly with check or cash or use your charge card with Paypal below. Be sure to write school name and students name on check. Please Email us requesting the address you can mail your payment to.

– “POPSTAR ACADEMY”  If you register here, a discount for the first 12 students registered in your school.   Please email us for discount information.

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