PopStar Camp

Summer Camp or 12 Week Program (5 yrs. & up)

April Vacation 2020 program at Longmeadow Dance Studio


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Performances posted on YOUTUBE!

PopStar Program is a “Funtastic”  Summer Camp!  Every child loves to sing and dance.  This program gives students an opportunity to dress-up, sing and dance to all their favorite songs with friends.  With real microphones and headsets for everyone, we will have fun learning to sing and dance to popular songs. We will be making crafts like microphones, VIP name cards with your photo, popstar glasses, star decorations, and playing fun games. We will be video taping to post performances on Youtube. (must have “photo release form” signed by parents) and posting class pics.

This is a premiere program that is being taught in Schools and Parks & Rec. facilities across the country.  It is loaded with high-energy fun.  Kids love this program.

Program Includes:    A professional sound system with auto-tune technology plus microphones and headsets for everyone.Your child will be featured in a YouTube music video of our performance for family and friends viewing.                             

    • Every “PopStar Camp” program is different with new songs and dances for continual on-going training all year.  Register for all of them!  –  Academy Sessions:  Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer
    • Kidz Bop song and dance routines to your favorite songs.
    • Microphones plus…. Headsets for everyone
    • Create your own group – bring your bestie and 3-8 friends and we’ll give you a Popstar group name
    • No experience necessary
    • Your child’s performance will be posted on YouTube (with release)

Singing and Dancing! What a SHOW! Learn what it takes to be a real Pop Star. Program includes: song and dance choreography from your favorite song artist. This fabulous, ‘one of a kind’ program is perfect for your aspiring Pop Star. Your child will be performing for their family and friends in no time!  When schools have a talent show…..your child can show off their talent and enjoy an explosion of applause!

Singing and dancing brings out the best in our children.  They are happier when they have the opportunity to express themselves without reservation.  Join us in bringing your child’s creative expression to the world!  You will be so PROUD!

Every program we offer is different and gives the children the opportunity to try a variety of songs and dances. So we encourage you to register for more than one session.  We even encourage them to add their own stylized moves and beats they are naturally inclined to do.  Freedom of expression and positive reinforcement make the children “Pop Stars” ready to show the world their talents.  Join us in offering your child the opportunity to grow into “all they can be”.

Professional headset microphones and stand-up microphones – Sing and dance to the “newest” songs out!

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