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USA Champion Kids is a unique  “Mobile” sports program for van 3children ages 2 – 12 years old in child care centers, schools and park and rec. centers. We incorporate  gymnastics and multi sports activities into one program, to offer children a “complete” training program for all sports skills.  We have over 40 different gymnastics and sports activities. We are the only program in the country that offers this uniquely combined program.  Our special designed JR gymnastic equipment is sized for small areas, and our sports equipment includes almost every sport you can imagine.  Programs can be held indoors or out (depending on weather). The variety of activities will give children an opportunity to try all sports and build lifelong healthy habits.

Our Programs

Gymnastics and Sports 2-12 yrs.

After School Gymnastics 4-12 yrs.

Vacation and Summer Camps 2-12 yrs.

Princess School 3-6 yrs.


USA Champion Kids 1-800-490-5927