Toddler/Preschool Program (Jr. Equipment) – Gymnastics & Sports Ages: 2-4+ yrs.


Program Content

We introduce gymnastics skills by individual abilities.  Our instruction includes cartwheels, handstands, walkovers, handsprings, jumps, splits, and rolls as well as basics in tumbling, bars, beam, and vault. The children are taught according to their age and ability. Your child will  will benefit from increased physical activity, and improve their overall strength, flexibility and coordination. Our skill training   is progressive and the skills will be worked on equipment that includes:  Balance Beam, Bars, vault & Floor Skills

Our curriculum is fun, challenging and progressive. The activities in each class are appropriate for each student’s ability.  All of the lessons and skills are compartmentalized into small linear progressions, making the harder skills more attainable. Children respond extremely well to rewards, and getting new skills in class are what drives the fun in our programs. Its a great program for children to learn lifelong, healthy habits. All of our coaches are certified after intense training to follow the guidelines set forth by the USA Gymnastics organization.

The program follows the school year;  September to May and includes a “Gold Medal” Performance for family and friends. 

We also offer a “Summer Gymnastics Camp” for girls 7-14 yrs.

The season culminates in a “Gold Medal Award Ceremony” and each student receives a medal in formal “Olympic” tradition.  Parents love it! Kids love it!

USA Champion