Join our “Team of Champions”!

Our program gives all children ages 2-14 years the opportunity to participate with their friends in a fun and playful atmosphere.  Our Jr. size equipment helps children learn skills fast.   It’s a friendly atmosphere and every child receives an opportunity to learn at their own pace.  Year-end show and medals for everyone.

hampion Kids offers recreational gymnastics directly to students right at their schools or local park & recreation facility!   Ages: 2-14 yrs

Includes: Special Cheerleaders Gymnastics Training Learn all the basic skills required for cheerleaders!

We bring the coach, the equipment, and the fun to local schools immediately following their release. Children enjoy the opportunity for an after school extracurricular activity while  parents enjoy the convenience of the safe setting. The class includes; Tumbling, Balance Beam, Vault and even Cheer Tumbling. This is a fun class where everyone is relaxed and learning at their own pace. Since they are with their school friends, they really  love the class.

Our after school program is the way to go for parents on the go! We use the standard level skills provided by USA Gymnastics. Our equipment  is  portable  and sized to fit in small areas.  Because  our rates are  30% less on average, than the fees charged at gymnastic centers, more parents are inclined to register their child in a program held at their school.  Its convenient, safe and fun! This program adds fun and excitement for children that attend  after school care. Parents love it especially since the tuition is so affordable and they know their children are in a safe environment they are familiar with. USA Champion Kids  includes routines that many children perform in school talent shows which enhances school participation. The schools benefit, the children benefit and everyone is satisfied.

All of our coaches are certified after intense training to follow the guidelines set forth by the USA Gymnastics organization.

The program follows the school year;  September to June.  Its a great program for children to learn lifelong, healthy habits. 

We also offer a “Summer Gymnastics Camp” for girls 7-14 yrs.

The season culminates in a “Gold Medal Award Ceremony” and each student receives a medal in formal “Olympic” tradition.  Parents love it! Kids love it!

USA Champion