Schools / Preschools / Park & Rec. / Childcare Centers

We arrange with local facilities to provide our mobile gymnastic/sports program for children 2-12 yrs. We bring portable equipment that is uniquely designed for small areas to provide fun and active learning during their weekly class.  This is an excellent way to enhance enrollment in your facility. Parents love special programs offered at their school/center because of convenience, safe environment with friends, and affordable rates.

USA Champion Kids works with each facility individually to create convenience for everyone.  We understand that schedules for certain areas may change, and expect to make adjustments to accommodate each school.

The gymnastics and sports activities encourages  gross motor skills, flexibility, and coordination. We create a fun, energetic, variety of sports  within the comfort and convenience of a familiar environment!   Smiles – giggles – jumping – running & flipping ….the kids love it!

Classes can be performed both inside and out. Some of the common spaces used for USA Champion Kids classes include play area mats, classrooms, lunchrooms, gymnasiums and outdoor playgrounds.

Bonus Incentives

To give additional support for your school, USA Champion Kids offers “free” special incentives to enhance enrollment at your school.  The following is a list of special events that are given to all your students for free for including USA Champion Kids at your school:

* Indoor Bounce House – designed for indoor use in small areas

* Face Painting & Carnival Games

* Olympic Sports Day with ribbons for sports events

* Inner Artist  (additional fees for special crafts)

* Magic Scientist

plus….After School Program

These classes are arranged to allow students to stay after school immediately following their release bell. We bring our own equipment right into the school to provide an exciting mix of gymnastics skills right at their school location!

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