SOCCER Kick & Play For Toddlers and PreK !

……Indoor and Outdoor Classes!  (Soft, safe balls used indoors)

We’ll make your school “FUN”!

Summer Camps (Single Day or Week)  and Seasonal Programs! Our Soccer Program is indoors or out and offered as a separate camp during the spring season or as a summer program. We also include just a few classes in our Preschool Multi-sports Program. This program is paid for by the parents directly to us. We take care of all billing and collection of tuition.

Our indoor program uses soft, safe equipment and the program is designed specifically for an indoor participation. Therefore, we include more games to keep running to a minimum. We also offer outdoor programs in the summer

We use a variety of fun games to develop balance, movement, motor and soccer skills as well as listening to instructions. Our soccer-themed motor skill classes are very easy for youngsters to participate in. Younger age groups focus on developing motor skills and self-confidence; older classes focus more on developing core soccer skills and personal focus. We promote fun, fun, fun!

Our classes are designed to grow with kid’s competency and skill level and are intended to be a year round program or a short camp. However there are no specific time requirements, we consult the Director as to what they are interested in. Parents may sign up for one month at a time or for longer if chosen. Kids can come and go on a month-by-month basis. The more consistent a kid’s participation, the greater the results will be now and in the future.